I speak at conferences and on podcasts about all things technology, innovation, leadership, and the future.






Irresponsible AI

I gave this presentation at BCG's 2023 Hive Conference on the topic of Irresponsible AI . This is a discussion about the times we asked if we COULD do something with AI when we should have been asking if we SHOULD do something with AI.

A great face for radio

This was my Hive 2022 talk on neurodiversity and all its many and various forms. In particular, this talk examines some lesser known but quite common neurodiversities such as aphantasia, prosopagnosia, among others.


I gave a talk at an internal BCG conference called Hive in 2020 on the misunderstood topic of panic attacks.

Logical Fallacies

I gave a talk at an internal BCG event on logical fallacies exploring the most common types of fallacy, how to recognise and refute them, and in an era of post-truth unreason, why everyone should care.






When AI Comes for Knowledge Workers: BCG's Matthew Sinclair explores the future working relationship between human and machine.

Précis: "Will a coming generation of AI bots be able to generate and iterate ideas as well as or better than people? Will knowledge workers be replaced by machines? BCG's Matthew Sinclair imagines a future where technology could replace writers, software engineers, and, yes, consultants -- although he’s not convinced that businesses should lose the human touch. There are inherent risks in handing over the most creative elements of your business to bots -- including perpetuating what Sinclair calls “the tyranny of the banal”.

Meta Business, Innovation, and Technology Podcast - Life at the Crossroad of Business and Engineering

Précis: "Matthew Sinclair, Partner and VP of Engineering at Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Ventures and Jean-Marie Ferdègue, Director of Business Engineering, Gaming at Facebook, are the featured experts on this episode of the Business, Innovation & Technology Podcast. Together, they explore key elements of innovation: desirability, feasibility, viability, and impact."

"Matthew and Jean-Marie discuss how Digital Ventures and Facebook rely on multidisciplinary teams and cross-collaboration to develop impactful solutions. They also talk about how lean teams prevent scope creep, why companies must look beyond vanity metrics as measures of success, and what they look for in job candidates. You’ll also learn Matthew and Jean-Marie’s perspectives on what really drives innovation. It is not necessarily company size, industry, or access to resources. It is psychological safety, or every employee’s freedom to bring ideas (good or bad!) to the table and to feel comfortable failing and trying again."