I coach current and future engineering leaders, helping them make the transition from engineer to manager and manager to leader.

I coach 2 to 3 new current and future leaders every six months or so (on average). If you are interested, email me and we can chat about what that might look like for you.


January 2024: I am fully booked for the first half of 2024. Sorry!

Here are some testimonials from engineering and product leaders that I have coached over the last few years.

"Technical insights in a range of areas - like IP management and ML - are useful, but Matt brings a huge dose of non-arrogant, pragmatic, can-do energy too. I'd recommend him as a coach for any leader who knows where they're going, but can use periodic fuel injections and extra navigational radar to stay moving and focused."

Conrad Young

Founder and CEO


"Matt's coaching and mentoring advice has been direct, honest and challenging, while being authentic, warm and supportive. Not hiding from the reality of the situation, but providing frameworks and guidance to help solve your own problems. Alongside an irreverent curiosity and sense of humour. Truly invaluable in an empowering career journey - cannot recommend highly enough!"

Rich Lewis Jones


Sigma Labs

"Matt helped me develop as a product leader in a technology business that had transitioned from B2C to B2B, won its first big client, and was subsequently scaling. He shared his experience and thought processes to help me tackle new challenges, including navigating big businesses & managing stakeholders, designing organisations & developing people, and launching new technologies with partners."

Tim Elder

Chief Product Officer


"Engaging in mentoring sessions with Matt proved to be an invaluable experience for my journey in engineering leadership. His thoughtful guidance and strategic insights not only deepened my understanding of the complexities within my role but also provided me with practical tools to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. The collaborative and tailored approach in our sessions significantly contributed to my professional growth, shaping not only my skills but also positively impacting the trajectory of my career. I am grateful for the opportunity to have benefited from his expertise and mentorship."

Riccardo Rizzo

Engineering Mananger

Machine Max

"Matt helped me work through some tricky problems, but more to my surprise some of the most significant “Aha!” moments were when he was able to name things that I knew were concerns but couldn’t quite label correctly. This comes from being able to think a layer (or two) of abstraction higher when it comes to running technical teams. I’ve received a reasonable amount of coaching over the years, but my time with Matt was the only instance with someone who was also an expert in my field, rather than an expert purely in coaching. This brought a totally different aspect to the areas we could cover."

Tim Baker



"Matt was a great sounding board re strategy and navigating funding options especially the complex landscape of corporate VC investment."

Craig Johnson

Co-founder, Director of Strategic Partnerships and IP


"I was fortunate to have monthly coaching sessions with Matt for over two years while working as an Engineering Lead (later promoted to Engineering Director). As I came from a software engineering/architect background, I needed someone who could help me focus on my non-technical skill growth but had a similar technical background to understand my reasoning and where my thinking was coming from. With Matt, we started from the basics and after some book recommendations, we started working in a feedback loop-based framework, where I brought a topic that was very relevant to the current challenges I was facing at work and we used that situation to talk about different similar scenarios and possible outcomes. Overall, I managed to solve a lot of tricky situations simply by listening to the advice I got from Matt and applying the frameworks he introduced to me."

Tamas Boras

Solutions Architect | Software Developer | Technology Expert


More to come...