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I'm Matthew Sinclair, an Aussie software engineering leader living in London. I try to predict the future and then attempt to build it with bits.


As a kid, I would not have known a hammer from a spanner, but when my dad bought me a TI-99/4A for Christmas at the age of 10, I was almost immediately hooked. I say almost immediately because what I really wanted for Christmas that year was a Commodore 64. My friends all had C64s, and I just wanted to play the same games that they were playing.

Weirdly, this spurred me on to start programming. I thought I'd start writing my own if I couldn't have a C64 with its cool games. Unfortunately, I had absolutely none of the requisite skills and the TI/99-4A was a famously mercurial platform.


Which brings me to today, about 42 years later, where I have spent the last (almost) 30 years building digital platforms with some of the best product, innovation, and technology experts in the world. It's been quite a ride.

These days, I am an experienced technology leader with a multitude of experiences in engineering leadership, software, consulting, product development, and start-ups.

After leaving Sydney in 2015, I joined the London Office of BCG Digital Ventures in January 2016. My most recent role was Partner and Vice President of Engineering for the EMESA region. Following the launch of BCG X in 2023, I now spend my time working to bring the disruptive opportunities unlocked by deep technologies to BCG's clients and businesses.

Over the last seven years, I have been involved in a wide variety of Ventures, starting as the CTO of Coup in 2016 and moving on to Director, advisory, and other senior Leadership roles across diverse industry sectors such as industrial goods, finance and insurance, mobility, resources, e-commerce, and private equity. During my time at BCG, I have been involved in the ideation, incubation, and launch of about 30 internal or publicly launched client Ventures.

Before joining BCG, I delivered complex technology systems in the telecommunications, financial services and payments sectors. Working with start-ups, product teams, and consulting organisations from Australia, Asia, and Europe, I helped to build everything from network analysers and a flight simulator to high-performance mission-critical EFT payment transaction switches, online and mobile banking, and shared mobility platforms. I have been involved in several start-ups in Australia, including Distra (payments), TouchPass (security), Tillless (payments) and SaveMail (document storage), as well as consulting to banks and financial institutions with Carpadium Consulting.

Besides my day job, I enjoy coaching and mentoring future engineering leaders. I aim to coach two new people every six months, with the view to helping them make their transition from engineer to manager and manager to leader.

I blog here and on Medium and used to bloviate on Xitter before moving to Mastodon. Reach out! I'd love to have a chat!

I have a Bachelor of Information Science from Newcastle University (Australia) and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. I was also a non-fellow member of the Royal Academy of Engineering's Enterprise Committee from 2020-2023.

I hold numerous patents related to mobile wireless and other technologies.

I have a lovely electric mountain bike I never get enough time to ride. On the other side of the world, I own 50% of a Native Australian Finger Lime Orchard.